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Concerning the Recent 2019-Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

There doesn't seem to be any local transmission in the US yet - so for now, I guess it probably wouldn't help much (though it would still help prevent the spread of the common cold/flu!).

If/when there is local transmission, following this advice will be very important.

Should we talk about altruism or talk about justice?

Thanks for writing this!

What about x-risks? Do you think it would be helpful to frame the importance of protecting/enabling the future existence of vast numbers of happy people in terms of justice? Perhaps an argument can be made that it isn't fair to future/current generations that they aren't given the opportunity to exist/continue to exist? This is obviously a more difficult case given that there would be no stakeholders if a true x-risk were to occur - and the presence of stakeholders may be required for the idea of justice to even come into play(?)