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Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to speak or work with you directly, but your personal and professional reputations speak volumes.

I am sorry to hear about the toll this has taken on you; I hope this transition supports you on a healing journey. That you shared this and recognized what was needed is a testament to your leadership and care. 

Thanks for all you've done for CEA and for the community. I wish you very well and look forward to seeing where your journey takes you. If I can somehow be supportive, please never hesitate to reach out. 

I appreciate your attention to the language here. Having personal experience of not being believed or supported (outside of EA), I know how challenging it can be to try to keep going, let alone consider relative impact. I was quick to endorse the spirit of the overall message (which was, at least in part, informed by my knowledge of those involved) and should have noted my own reservations with some of the language. 

Thank you for writing this post and for your important work, Catherine, Anu, and Łukasz.

We (me and the rest of the EA DC team) are always trying to learn and make our community more inclusive. If I can somehow support you or your work, please do let me know. 

If you would like to contribute to one or several sections, that would also be helpful!

If you are interested in contributing to a book review, please either send me a message on the Forum or an email.

Here it is. I did not write a detailed reflection of my own (due to time constraints), but I did want to draw attention to the book so that others might also engage with it. 

Depending on the timeline and the proposed structure, I might be amenable to collaborating or otherwise supporting a review. My own bias being that I am likely more sympathetic to the arguments presented than most EAs.

Hi, David. Thanks for your thoughts here. I recently wrote a book post (here on the Forum) upon its release. I would really enjoy reading your reflections once you publish them!

That seems like a reasonable assessment. I do think the authors would be willing to discuss their pieces, but I do not know how worthwhile it would be (though, admittedly, I think a public debate could make for an interesting event). 

Yes, a lot of the first volume focuses on animal welfare. Though this volume is focused on animal welfare, I do think many of the takeaways I included might be echoed by critics in other cause areas.

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