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Happy Giving Tuesday! 

A friend inspired me to share my giving story and some of my favorite charities.


I was raised to love all and to give generously with my time, money, and spirit, aspirations I strive to live up to.

When I first read The Life You Can Save in 2009, I realized that I could and should be doing more to help others wherever they are. It wasn't until 2011 when I came across GiveWell and Giving What We Can that I really put these ideas into action. I pledged to donate at least 10% of my income to effective charities and was driven to study business in hopes that I could earn to give more (I still don't make "make much" but it is a lot from a global perspective).

Though I believe significant systemic reforms are needed to create a more sustainable and equitable world, I continue to donate at least 10% of my income and use my career to support better todays and tomorrows for all beings.


Between now and the end of the year, I will allocate my donations as follows:


Other organizations whose work I have supported throughout the year include:


Now, I would love to hear from you in the comments: 

What is your giving story? What are some of your favorite charities?  





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Folks like you inspire me for your generosity, broad-minded take on different causes, and commitment to a better world. Thanks for sharing Kyle!

That's very kind. Thank you!

Great list, Kyle! Thanks for sharing. :)

I wasn't aware of The Life You Can Save's Helping Women & Girls Fund until I read your post. It's wonderful to know something like this exists.

Executive summary: The author shares their charitable giving story and allocates year-end donations across several effective charities working to reduce suffering and improve well-being for humans and animals.

Key points:

  1. Author was inspired to give more after reading effective altruist literature, pledges 10% of income.
  2. This year is allocating donations to charities focused on women's empowerment, animal welfare, global catastrophic risks, climate change, cash transfers.
  3. Has supported charities focused on civil liberties, effective altruism funds, voting reform, meta-charities, Buddhism.
  4. Asks readers to share their giving stories and favorite charities.


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