Project Manager, Future Academy program @ Effective Altruism Sweden
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I'm Lowe Lundin. I'm working at Future Academy (https://www.effektivaltruism.org/futureacademy) as an Intern. 

Currently I mostly do operations and my focus is on creating a great program for all fellows and setting up the forthcoming Impact Academy organization. 

Generalist rather than specialist.

I previously worked at the Swedish venture capital firm EQT as a Machine Learning Engineer and before that as a Software Developer at Nasdaq. I studied engineering physics, with a master in scientific computing.

Fun fact: I won the grand prize (100 000 SEK) on the Swedish quiz show "Muren" which I donated through geeffektivt.se

How others can help me

I am very happy where I am currently, but would always be happy to expand my network.

How I can help others

Reach out if you have questions about Future Academy/Impact Academy. 

I have spent quite some time thinking about how to maximize your chances of winning on quiz shows. If you are about to compete on one, I strongly encourage you to reach out.

We could also talk about dealing with being mediocre at many things but a master of none. 


This line:

"Note (23 November 2022): It was announced that FTX.com, Sam Bankman-Fried’s exchange, is facing a severe financial crisis."

Makes it seem that the announcement and article are from November 23rd and not November 8th, which I fear slightly less attentive people might miss.