Luca Stocco

Co-Director @ EA Italy
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Hi! I'm Luca, strong shorthairist from Italy!

I'm pursuing a Master's degree in Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at the University of Milan while testing my personal fit in various career paths—such as journalism, research, and community building.

I'm EA Italy's co-director, a facilitator of the EAVP Intro Program, and a UGAP/OSP mentor. Previously, I co-founded EA University of Milan and worked as a social media specialist for School of Thinking.


I'm so happy you're writing down this story! Looking forward to reading the whole sequence :)

I didn't think of that!

I'm curious about why you find rejecting IIA generally plausible.

Yes, and the total view would bring you to that conclusion as well!

You raised some interesting points!

It seems plausible that the framing effect could be at play here, and that different people would draw the line between a life that's worth living and one that's not at different points. I don't know about any literature about this, but maybe I'd give a look at the Happier Lives Institute's work.

And I'll need to think more seriously about the very repugnant conclusion. That's a tough one!