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Give in Public Beta is live

Hi Laurin, glad to see you're working to help change this norm around giving! 

I'm the executive director at Giving What We Can and per @peterslattery's comment I'd be more than happy to chat if you'd like. Feel free to book a time using

Stephen Fry narrating a video on effective altruism, explaining the cause-prioritisation framework while giving us the appropriate emotional response to helping others

Thanks for letting me know! I'd really appreciate learning more about the feelings/reasoning behind rarely wanting to share it unless someone specifically asked. Understanding this feeling/reasoning is vital in helping to create more spreadable ideas. Feel free to DM me also πŸ˜€ 

How to reach out to orgs en masse?

Hi Linda! Great to hear that you're working on this! I work at Giving What We Can and am thinking a lot about outreach at the moment (including things like training writers) and am connected to various organisations in EA.

I'd be more than happy to have a chat about how you can best use your skills and multiply them by training others etc (I think there could be huge value in things like communications masterclasses/fellowships). 

Feel free to email me at or book at time to chat using

New blog: Cold Takes

Loved this. Was really insightful. Thanks so much for recording the audio too! 

Pitching EA to someone who believes certain goods can't be assigned a value

Generally I find it helps to separate cost from value (see The Value Of A Life) and also to point out that our decisions carry implicit value regardless of whether we articulate that value. By choosing to donate $5,000 to an art gallery rather than $5,000 to AMF to save a life (in expectation) then I am implicitly valuing the former over the latter. It helps to articulate what it is that we value to understand whether these decisions are consistent with our beliefs.

I do believe that I probably value more things than just the expected utility of sentient beings. However, I budget a significant portion of my time and money to optimising the expected utility of sentient beings  while also carving out time and money to be spent on other things (including my own hedonism, aesthetic preferences, and special obligations to people in my life etc).

Also relevant is Julia's post You Have More Than One Goal And That's Fine.

Book Giveaway Impact Analysis (Doing Good Better in NZ)

Nice work Ivan! We've been considering doing this at Giving What We Can. Quick one: how did you get the cost of the book + delivery down to $15?

What are some key numbers that (almost) every EA should know?

I'd also love this – it's been on my todo list for about 5 years πŸ˜…

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