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Thanks for sharing this. It’s a hard thing to do.

I’m at a loss for words but want you to at least know that it meant a lot to me to read this and I appreciate you even more for writing it.

Thank you.

I am extremely grateful for all of the immense privileges I have – many of which are purely due to the luck of birth and circumstance. Above and beyond the privileges of my relative wealth, health and happiness (high  happiness set point) I also have the privilege to be able to work on helping us all share that luck and I get to do it alongside some of the kindest and most capable people I've ever met. Working alongside these people during a time of crisis makes me even more grateful.

Plus, the best part of my day is reading the motivations of new GWWC members who have made a significant commitment to use their resources to help others effectively. E.g.

I'm very sorry to hear you've had these experiences, thanks for sharing them though.

My experiences have been very different to this but I can (sadly) see how this might happen.

If you want to chat I'd be more than happy to some time and can promise to be welcoming and hope I can help in any way I can.

Feel free to DM me 😀

Advocacy tools for effective giving:

  • Social media advocacy post generator: When a member signs a GWWC pledge they write their motivation -  it'd be helpful to have a tool which then suggests a social media post they could write based on their motivation, previous members motivations (see study), and previous social posts (see examples). Potentially train an AI language model that suggests two options and the one they click "copy/customise" is a "vote" that's fed back into the model as a correct prediction?
  • Social media image generator: Similar to above, once someone makes a donation, create suggestions of images with generated text on them that they can use to share that "Ahah!" moment with others. (See where people are donating here and the options on the donation platform here).
  • Any other ideas to increase advocacy!

Thanks for mentioning! It looks like the event was accidentally deleted. Have updated, the new registration link is:

Thanks Miguel! Have fixed. It was actually a typo in the start date.

Welcome to the EA Forum thanks for taking the time to write this short post up. Glad to see you making your first post 😀 

I'd encourage you to make the case for how this is significantly different to the "Question" feature on this forum and why it might live on a place separate to this forum.

I'd also encourage a bit more detail on the budget etc.

As a funder I'd want to see a lot more detail than this before reaching out to request further information.

Great to hear this! Very exciting stuff 😀 

I think Yonatan may have been talking about additionally donating the difference in salary from a higher paying job, but otherwise, yes – of course – a lot of people do both (ourselves included!).

Depending on the context a small audience can also be super valuable. Always feel free to just ask!

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