Animal Welfare Fund: Ask us anything!

Would the AWF be interested/able to indicate if the grantees have room for more funding from individual donors?

A grant from the AWF is a strong indication of a good potential donation opportunity, however the grant may have already filled the funding gap. If a donor (for whatever reason, e.g. tax deductibility, running a fundraiser etc) wants to donate directly to an animal welfare charity (instead of a fund), would you recommend they donate to any recent grantees or only follow the advice of a charity evaluator (e.g. ACE)?

If I pay my taxes, why should I also give to charity?

Thanks for the very detailed feedback! I've shared this with the team and we'll be addressing it and incorporating into an updated version 😀 

[New org] Canning What We Give

Love this. I'm quickly penning a new GWWC strategy so we can try and incorporate the proposals of CWWG in their entirety.

How many hits do the hits of different EA sites get each year?

Giving What We Can for 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020:

  • Users: 377,470
  • Sessions: 470,721
  • Pageviews: 662,988

Effective Altruism Australia for 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020:

  • Users: 12,896
  • Sessions: 16,600
  • Pageviews: 32,734
Responses and Testimonies on EA Growth

Similarly, Effective Altruism Australia has been moving about 30% more money each year.

I hear similar numbers from most regranting organisations.

Name for the larger EA+adjacent ecosystem?

Strong upvote for something like this unless there's some context I'm missing? I.e. what is the sentence that this would belong in?

Name for the larger EA+adjacent ecosystem?

Yeah – things like the Long Now Foundation have been around for decades and aren't necessarily approaching longtermism from the same angle as EA.

AMA: JP Addison and Sam Deere on software engineering at CEA

For GWWC I'm very interested in speaking to people with UX experience and capacity who have a deep understanding of what we're trying to do. At this stage it isn't in our budget for a full time role but likely something we could find for a contract role (and would love any input from UX people who don't have capacity for contract role or full time work).

If anyone fits the bill please get in touch 🙇‍♂️

Why do EAs have children?

Because they are the future, literally.

I'm motivated to build a better future, I believe that more happy lives are better.

Our lives are significantly influenced by our parents (nature and nurture) and I think raising good children in an environment where there's an emphasis on caring about others is a good thing for the world.

It's hard for an anti-natal social movement to last the test of time.

Why do EAs have children?

Because I want to.

I've always wanted kids, biological or adopted. I see EA as a question of "how can we use our resources effectively to do good... for the resources we choose to allocate to doing good".

Most people draw the line somewhere between what they want for themselves and what they want for the world. I believe kids will enrich my life and can be done in a way which still enables me to do a lot of good.

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