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Senior Lecturer @ UQ // Chair and Director @ EA Australia
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I create effective, scalable educational programs. I want them to help people make better decisions, become more empathic, and more effective in their work (esp. their research). I'm an awarded educator, receiving national awards, international senior fellowships, and the highest honour from my university. I also have a strong academic research background: I'm Chief Investigator on $3.7m of competitive, industry-partnered research grants; have published in the Scimago #1 journals for psychology, applied psychology, ageing, paediatrics, education (three times, see #1, #2, #3), and sport science (twice, see #1 & #2); and my work is cited almost 4x the world average (according to InCites; all data as of June 2021). 

How others can help me

I am looking to expand a team of researchers looking at how to most effectively train people to make clear and ethical decisions. This might include:

  • Improving the quality of education and communication for EA community building
  • Training policymakers and organisational leaders in clear/ethical thinking (improving institutional decision-making)
  • Training young people in clear thinking about their careers

To that end, I'd appreciate introductions to:

  • Potential PhD / honours students who might want to work on the questions above
  • Early-career researchers who might want to do research fellowships together
  • Like-minded researchers looking to collaborate on similar projects

How I can help others

I have strong methodological expertise in a few areas that might be valuable:

  • Figuring out what works best to solve a problem by designing and running systematic reviews / meta-analyses
  • Effectively and faithfully scaling up behaviour change with online educational intervention
  • Designing and running projects, like randomised trials of interventions
  • Accumulating academic career capital


As a social scientist, these lists are very helpful, thank you team. It's useful to be able to point students and colleagues to open questions that are immediately decision-relevant.

Thanks for the support Ben. I love what giving multiplier are doing and we entertained the idea down here but we have more restrictive charity regranting laws down here. My understand is that giving multiplier can basically just forward re-grants to the donor's target, but our read of the Aussie legislation is that we'd need to formally partner with every charity that a donor would want to choose.

Our strategy for marketing to non-EAs is to partner with Giving Green to support a Manager of Climate Giving for Giving Green Australia. Basically, we work closely with Jack who's job is to both evaluate Australian options but also to market and fundraise around effective climate giving in Australia. We're also planning to hire a fundraiser and marketer for EAA.

Just wanted to +1 the appreciation for all your work over the years JJ

Thanks to all who attended this event. Such a great turnout. For more information about EAAE, or to donate, go to http://eaa.org.au/environment

my pledge pin is my most expensive possession I own...

Omg I'd never done those maths 😬

Good video Peter. Agree it’s a good introduction for a wide audience. Thanks for signal boosting.

I popped this script in via email a few weeks ago but didn't get confirmation of receipt. I know it's been a crazy few weeks so no need to review. Still, do you mind confirming whether it's 'in' or whether the contest is closed?

Thank you for sharing this project. It looks great. A few minor comments and ideas. Wordpress is very flexible but requires lots of plugins to interface with each other for many functions to work. Consider chatting to Aqeel or JJ Hepburn from Sangro/AI Safety Support who recently used wordpress for a learning management system to see how they found it. Consider also using an existing platform with more pre-built features (e.g., Thinkific) where cross-compatibility might be less painful (see our uni EA fellowship site). At least at the start, these help projects like this get off the ground more easily. Most projects add their bells and whistles later.

My PhD student is doing a thesis very close to this project. She’s trying to accelerate knowledge translation in developing countries. Our hypothesis, like yours, is that online learning will rapidly and cost-effectively close the research-practice gap.

The first study in her thesis is a systematic review of randomised trials using online learning in healthcare. We want to know how well online learning teaches professionals, and how well the training helps people translate it into practice. She’s aiming to find what features help the interventions work better. If you’re interested in the review, she’s looking for team members. Being a team member means you learn the results much more quickly and become an author on the paper, which can be good for credibility. If you want to find out more, email me at noetel [at] gmail.com or send me a message on the forum.

Her second study is a cost-effectiveness analysis of an online nursing intervention. Her third study is a series of interviews in LMICs to see how professionals from those countries feel about online learning. It sounds pretty well aligned with the kind of scoping your team is doing. If you’d be interested in the findings of a study like that, and possibly have some contacts from healthcare in LMICs, then again we’d be interested in collaborating (email me). She could run the interviews but you might find the results valuable.

I really like this framing Gideon. It seems aligned with CEA's Core EA principles. I'd love EA to be better at helping people learn skills.  One of our working drafts for an EA MOOC focuses more on the those core principles and skills. Is something like this work-in-progress closer to what you had in mind?

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