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Global Priorities Institute Working Paper Summaries


Thank you so much! I'm very happy to hear it was helpful for you.

Thanks for catching the typo! I've updated the post to fix it. Not sure how that happened...

I think it's reasonable to be skeptical. The results seem somewhat too good to be true. That said, the study seemed to have been carefully conducted, so, if the results are bunk, I doubt it was intentional.

I apologize for this confusion. I've updated the section with the inaccurate statement @Richard Y Chappell quoted.

Thank you for bringing up other important considerations and limitations of these studies. You are right that, with this post, I don't intend to make any claims about the extent to which anyone should let productivity effects determine their decision whether or not to have children. I'm just hoping to help better inform those who factor it into their choice (although, again, you make a good point about these studies' failure to account for the counterfactual of people who want children deciding against it).

Good catch; thank you very much. I misinterpreted the findings—an embarrassing mistake on my part. I’ve updated the post to address this.

Thanks for doing that! I'd love to hear what he has to say.

Unfortunately, I'm learning the article may be a bit misleading. I'd see some of the other comments for more details.

Thank you for your investigation.

That is disappointing...
However, there's still at least some benefit from increased plant-based product sales by providing revenue to plant-based companies for R&D and other expenses.

Unfortunately, it also shows its impact has been decreasing since 2020 (which the first graph doesn't show).

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