founder/ceo @ Momentum

board @Giving What We Can 

advisor @ Halcyon, AOI, Apart, GoodImpressions, Alvea, etc    

stooper @ porches_worldwide

How others can help me

tell me about talented people starting/joining high-impact orgs who need funding & talent.

How I can help others

funding + talent


I’m so so happy to see this project growing this way!

This is so beautiful, thanks Rosie. 

+100 Wild Geese. Thanks for putting up these poems, really enjoyed them. 

I love this! I’m especially interested in making relocation easier for international folks - I’d love to learn more about how you’re thinking about this!

I love this. It reminds me of stuff like MyPlace ( but simpler/cleaner as a sheet. 

I really like this and think it’s very promising!

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