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Helping newcomers be more objective with career choice

Thanks, you're completely right, that sounds negative. Changed the title to "Helping newcomers be more objective with career choice", which probably gets across what we're trying to get across better.

A model for engagement growth in universities

Strong agree with the idea that we should emphasize actions people are taking and avoid hero-worship-like phrases. I was mostly using my own mental shorthand when I said "superhuman" and forgot to translate to other-people-speak.

Regarding the makeup of fellowship groups, I think probably giving people an option to attend some socials which are generally attended by highly engaged people could be good? So that, if there's a lack of engagement in their cohorts, they can make up for it by finding a way to interact with engaged people somewhere else.

Haven't though much about what was most important about the Cambridge residencies, but some important aspects are definitely:

  • Encouraging us to think big (aim for us one day becoming as good as the best groups, and then even better)
  • Providing advice and support with organizing 
  • Holding intro talks and events (Kuhan has a very good intro presentation), and having one-on-ones with promising organizers
Do sour grapes apply to morality?

They're standard deviations, updated the figures, thanks! I agree strongly, this is weak evidence at best.