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Nolan Shaffer is first-year student at the University of Chicago majoring in computer science and the humanities. He is a core organizer for UChicago's Effective Altruism group and will be starting an Alternative Protein Project chapter at UChicago next year. He is interested in learning more about AI safety and animal welfare. He aims to donate effectively, build the EA community, and work in an impactful career. 

How others can help me

Looking for internships, research projects, or suggestions for high impact ways to spend my time.


Great review! One small comment:

Stick to “pasture raised” eggs. I wish we had more guidance on finding humane milk options; maybe all of the readily-available ones involve calf separation, but are some common brands (e.g. Organic Valley?) at least less harmful than others?

Store bought eggs and dairy are almost certainly coming from factory farms. With regards to Organic Valley: https://www.washingtonpost.com/food/2022/07/19/organic-valley-lawsuit-peta/

In 2022, 8.5% of pigs farmed in the US, or 6.17 million, were classified as "breeders" [1]According to The Humane Society, roughly 70% of breeding pigs are kept in gestation crates [2]. This would mean that there were approximately 4.319 million pigs kept in gestation crates in 2022.

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Hi everyone! My name is Nolan and I'm a first year college student at the University of Chicago. I found out about EA through other students and just completed the intro fellowship. I'm particularly interested in animal welfare and AI safety. I'm excited to keep learning about EA and implement it into my life through my career choices and donations.