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that is a rather interesting point,

though when i made that point, i was pretty much just taking what 80k said about their problem profile on china and put it in my post. they mentioned about india and ruissia in that post and i thought it would be interesting to at least metion them.

no, not really.

just wanted some potential pointers to where people would look to find some papers on a topic they would like.


thanks for the comment!

i would say that the biggest bottleneck is actually thinking up what issue to write about, i do not want it to be about a problem that gains too much attention, neither do i want it to be about something that is far too obscure.

that being said, i think it would be decent idea to write about issues talked about in the EA community like AI or animal cruelty even though increasing amounts of EAs are piling on to these issues.

i have written about things that aren't talked about as much in the EA community such as the value of cryptocurrency and how it could eliviate poverty and bypass corrupt governments. these topics would be more interesting to cover on a personal level since there are not many EAs talking about them and it could give me a chance to not only learn more about the topic but also approach it from a utilitarian perspective - even if there are more pressing problems.

speaking of covid-19, what do you think of the clapping towards the NHS doctors going on in the UK?

i know they do good work and all, but i feel like the general public are at least half-ignoring the people like the policy people and researchers. i think we should be clapping for them too, as they are, in principle, the ones that can put in practices and polices that can help prevent hospitals from being overfilled and actually solve this issue - even in the short term (as you can see with china, taiwan and south korea).

i would love to see your thoughts, thanks


i donated a small amount to two of the organisations recommended on the 80k website and also listened to your podcasts about COVID-19 (among as well non-covid-19 topics). although i don't understand all the details of every episode, i do think you make for a rather entertaining and informative host and i do look forward to future episodes.

thanks for your response,

i'm not planning on necessarily writing a research paper or anything that is directly stating an answer - i would more of write something that encourages discussion.

i try to look for topics that are obscure and doesn't really get too much coverage (and maybe pressing as well) - perhaps an example that fits into this category is an "wild animal welfare" where we don't exactly know the impacts but could be something people consider and look into.

that being said, if it isn't necessarily going to go anywhere, i should probably detain the idea until this gets maybe more coverage or is more pressing then i may write a post on it (conveying opinions on it).

i just heard the term as a buzzword -

in terms of what i had in mind, i wasn't too sure on the specifics - since i don't know much about the field

judging by your answer i was probably thinking along the lines of APM (since this seems like an idea that could make objects more efficient if applied correctly such as solar panels).

i'll update my question to narrow things down

thanks for your answer

pretty interesting post,

i am pleasantly surprised that in a social event that is run by an organisation about doing good would have sexual harassment of women. even as a male, hearing this makes me feel really bad for fellow women...

i would be a little uncomfortable if there were only men and no women in the room, or if there was only one woman in the room and no other women.

although what that concerns me with these findings is how after a certain amount of times attending an event, they have diminishing returns - with the conversations being repetitive.

there was also the quote of EAs' being with people they don't know - i could understand why this may deter them. personally when i'm with people i don't know, sometimes they don't really make me feel like i'm a part of them - and i would feel like an outcast.

i can resonate with the quote that people feel inadequate because of the large amount of EAs' with PhDs, in a way it feels like in order to do the most good, you need to spend probably your whole life at school. especially if you look at the immense competition and (for the most part) narrow career capital in these jobs.

i've written about the mistakes on the top of this post.
i don't know if it will help justify some of the wrongly said views.

i have also checked several sources and the evidence giving to the poor on the streets (and i mean the streets of london in this case) is quite mixed - some EAs have said they do it for 'the warm fuzziness' of helping someone.

i personally think it's better to support a charity that helps people living on the streets rather than giving money, food or other necessities to them directly - although both actions do generate some good even if one is more than the other.

thanks for your opinion i will change some of the content of this post to not put them in a worse light.

but at the same time i think that it is a little bit silly for poor people to ask some random guy (let’s say that the begged person in question is not rich and is under 18 and is being begged by someone older) for their money, when they could perhaps ask someone that would be in a far better position to help them or even the government. maybe i didn’t explain that too well in the post as much as i should have.

when i wrote that, keep in mind that i had no bad intentions.

thanks for your feedback though

i believe that would be a great idea!

i personally like writing longer posts because it contains more information and doesn't feel oversimplified - it also feels more like something more serious rather than, say, a simple tweet.

i'm pretty sure you know that 80,000 hours prefers this approach too.

but i can see why some would want to do a TL;DR introduction of themselves.

though, i'm wondering if the EA community are friendly to those interested in joining, but are considering a more vocational path rather than a traditional 3-4 undergrad (as the latter is pretty much 80,000 hours' audience)...

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