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(Link) Could animal advocacy prevent future corona-viruses?

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Edit 15/03/2020: I have also come across a post by Peter Singer which also covered the corona-viruses and has consolidated my views on what could be done to stop future 'made in china' epidemics

Hello there!

I recently came across this video by Vox and it seems that (sometimes illegal) wet meat markets in china are not only the most evidenced cause of the coronavirus-2019, but also others like SARS. In the video, they also have footage of what happens to the animals in these markets - which they are essentially living in very similar horrifying conditions to factory farmed ones.

What makes this even more disgusting is that these animals are slaughtered live in front of the customers and much like factory farming, these animal products are advertised in a way that makes/exaggerate claims with no evidence to support it. Although China is banning this practice, some may worry that it won't be permanent. The surprising thing about this is that even though this market is towards a very niche, rich group, it can still affect lots of people.

Do you think that animal advocacy and encouraging vegan options would perhaps play a part in solving future problems like this? Could it be a lesson to the world that viruses like this one could perhaps be the result of encouraging markets that kill animals for meat?

Let me know!

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