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Can I do an introductory post?

by pixel_brownie_software 1 min read13th Feb 20205 comments


Hello there, I've been a near 2-year lurker in the EA community and their ideas. I've recently joined this forum with the intention of posting some of my opinions/ideas on effective altruism and perhaps being able to interact with fellow EAs'. Would it be fine if I could write a post of how I got interested into the movement and my current philosophy on EA?

The intention of my post is to perhaps see what people think of my philosophy on effective altruism.

I also run a blog where, although I mainly post about things unrelated to EA - mainly computer game development, I write about certain EA topics. I have written short posts about such topics like the long term future, earning to give and veganism. In October 2019 I wrote a more long-form post on why China may be important. I have an upcoming post about Bitcoin/crypto-currency and how it could solve poverty to be released later this month.

I'm very eager to hear what EA's have to say and or criticize about my posts. And I'm willing to hear new ideas that I could explore with my blog posts.

That's all from me!

UPDATE: I have done a post on it on my blog, I've posted one on this forum but I have yet to get a moderator approval as of writing this.

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Go for it!

Sounds great! You could also see if there's an EA group near you.