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Making Community Building a more attractive career path

Thank you for writing this up! Some thoughts:

  • The biggest differences between the impact of CBs might also depend on :
    • the area they are in and the potential of their member base (Bay Area vs regular city group vs small city group)
    • How quickly CBs learn what worked for other CBs (I would double down on peer support)
  • Community builder roles might not be perceived to be as prestigious as other roles as they might not get as many applications as other roles. The national/city/university context might lead to local citizens being more interested/qualified.
Why every EA group organizer should read The Culture Code

We think so! Those concepts are a bit blurred within PISE, because the organizing team is so big, and most highly committed people in the broader community are at least in some way involved in organizing. Nevertheless, influencing the broader community is a challenge we will keep working on.

AMA: Future of Life Institute's EU Team

Great that you are doing this! 

Here are some questions: 

What do you consider to be the biggest bottlenecks in the EU AI policy space? How do you think that might change in the coming 5-10 years? 

Do you consider the argument that the EU is not an AI superpower to be important for whether the EU can play a major role in governance? (As discussed here)