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This would have been my other recommendation :)

They've been funded by Open Phil, are listed on the GWWC website, and are recommended by Founder's Pledge

NTI bio would be another option. They also do work on nuclear security, but you can allocate your donation to their biorisk programme.

They're recommended by Founder's Pledge,  have been funded by Open Phil, and are a GWWC listed charity

Still reeling from this news...

While her other accomplishments were far more important, Marisa also had an outsized impact on me personally. Early on, she helped me consider going into a career in operations. Later, we worked together on EA Anywhere, and she pointed me towards— and encouraged me to apply for— my job at FEM.

In the time that I knew her, she was unfailingly helpful and kind. My heart breaks for her, and all those who were close to her. She will be missed.

You're definitely not alone in this— we grapple with similar issues here in NZ. 

As others have said, remote work, earning to give, government/policy work, and starting your own project can all be good options.

EA NZ has set up a job board featuring remote + NZ-based roles, which might be useful to you also? (Though obviously the NZ-based jobs are only relevant to kiwis or those wanting to move here).

Fair point, I suppose— if it turns out that FTX was doing something extremely dodgy/illegal, I might no longer endorse that sentiment. I appreciate the counterargument :)

That said, I still think it's important to remember that SBF and his team are real people with real feelings. There are enough people screaming at them on Twitter already.

Extending some grace seems like a good place to start, even if it turns out that they made some less-than-optimal decisions

Strong +1 from me, too. I'd really like for this to be the dominant message that Sam and his team hear from the community— lots of care and consideration. 

 Wishing them all the best ❤️

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That fits with what we're seeing at Effective Altruism New Zealand. The Sam Harris/Will MacAskill podcast is still a common referral source for new donors, and for people requesting copies of Doing Good Better via our book giveaway. So +1 piece of supporting anecdata

Yeah, I can see how that would be helpful-- I'm thinking of having a go at it as a decision-making tool myself. 

The approach kind of reminds me of internal family systems therapy, actually: trying to reconcile different parts of yourself by imagining them as different people. The main difference being that there's  no trauma in this kind of scenario (hopefully, anyway!), and a lot less psychotherapy jargon :)

I don't have any answers for you, I'm afraid- but I wanted to say that I really like the way you wrote this up. Framing your inner conflict as a debate between Andy and Drew made it very clear and engaging to read. 

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