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Crowdfunding platform tips?

Hi Hauke, other than the contact info issue, can you think of any other shortcomings of Facebook crowdfunding compared to sites that focus more exclusively on crowdfunding (such as HipGive, Causes, etc.? Thanks again

Crowdfunding platform tips?

Thank you for the info, Sanjay!

Crowdfunding platform tips?

Thank you Hauke! I'm assuming Let's Fund does its own research and doesn't accept any form of applications from nonprofits, correct? I'm trying to help Suvita (suvita.org) with their promising work in vaccination uptake in India, but I don't think this would be the type of high-risk upstart Let's Fund is focused on. I'm open to ideas. Thank you for your thoughts.

President Trump as a Global Catastrophic Risk

Your pandemics section is eerily close...would be interesting in discussing this with you more.