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Most Effective Voter Turnout Campaigns?

by Ryan Wilcox1 min read22nd Jul 20204 comments


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I'm wondering if anyone knows of any evidence/data on which US voter turnout campaigns, organizations and specific interventions (mailing registration forms vs. text messages, for example) have proven to be most effective and/or promising. EA-minded folks looking to make a difference in the hugely consequential upcoming election could really use some info on this front.

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2 Answers

In addition to the list Hauke provided: The original founder of vote.org, Debra Cleaver, has left the company some time ago and set up voteamerica.com. We recently interviewed them and were quite impressed by their technology since they have streamlined the voting process so it can be executed by smartphone only (there is the sending of fax involved, that voteamerica.com takes care of). They estimate that it takes them about 3 USD to activate a dormant voter. We ultimately decided to recommend donating to them to a client of ours.

I don't have a great answer, but I have a brain/link dump Google doc on this topic that might be of interest.