Simon Ruiz-Martinez

Leader of the Political Studies Research Group @ Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
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I'm currently researching about rationality and decision models as tools for social scientists; as well as rights as conditioning the reasonability of an action. This implies a contextual conception of rational action that allows contextual reasons to emerge as weights for decision making.

How others can help me

Thinking about better ways to cohere top-bottom efforts of effective giving with bottom-up initiatives that have more actionability in local contexts.

How I can help others

Understanding contextually the bases of cost-effective decision making, specifically within the Latin American context. The latter requires discriminating institutional from individual decisions, thus addressing representation and collective action.


Creo, Agus, que ese es el paso a seguir. No se trata de escribir por escribir en español. Sino de hacerlo cuando esto tenga sentido, i.e., cuando sea útil para el fortalecimiento de la comunidad global o local. Nuestro reto será analizar la efectividad de las diferentes estrategias en las que la escritura en español sea posible. y priorizar aquellas que sean, de hecho, las más útiles.