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How be productive before your baby turns one

I've been thinking a lot lately about whether I want to have kids given I also want to have a life beyond my kids, and this was very helpful!

I'm glad you liked it! My kids are still pretty young, but I'm told it gets much easier as they get older, at least in terms of having enough time and sleep to do things you want to do. Anyone who has older kids -- I'd love to hear how your productivity potential has changed based on how old your kids are.
Ways of improving one's empathy and emotional intelligence?

As someone who is not very empathetic by nature, I found Authentic Relating practice (check out, for example, very helpful for cultivating empathy, as it literally focuses on and trains "getting someone else's world." It also trains awareness of and ability to share your own emotional and somatic experience, which is central to emotional intelligence more broadly. I liked it because it was fun - it felt very connecting (I would leave events with a feeling similar to having cuddled with people, even when no cuddling had taken place - oxytoc... (read more)

College Public Service Pipeline

You may want to look at Teach for America and Venture for America as potential models

2Mason Quintero4mo
I'd been looking into Teach for America a little but I'm looking into Venture for America now and it is super interesting thank you!
Bayesian Mindset

This was really great. As someone who has been lurking around LW/EA Forum for a few years but has never found reading the Sequences the highest-return investment compared to other things I could be doing, I very much appreciate your writing it.

A thought on something which is probably not core to your post but worth considering:

You said:

The dream behind the Bayesian mindset is that I could choose some set of values that I can really stand behind (e.g., putting a lot of value on helping people, and none on things like “feeling good about myself”), and focu

... (read more)

+1. That paragraph to me reads like: "Here's a neat trick by which you can forcibly self-modify to care about fewer, simpler, easier-to-measure things! Yay!"

SoGive is hiring! Analysts wanted to lead evaluation of charities

Makes sense, thanks! It may be worth highlighting that more proactively when you do outreach within EA (and there may be nuanced ways to communicate that even generally).

SoGive is hiring! Analysts wanted to lead evaluation of charities

"Our approach has similarities with that followed by charity analysis organisations like GiveWell and Founders Pledge."

To put it bluntly, why should someone go to (work for, consult the recommendations of, support) SoGive vs other leading organizations you mention? Does your org fill a neglected niche, or take a better approach somehow, or do you think it's just valuable having multiple independent perspectives on the same issue?

Fair question!

GiveWell and Founder's Pledge both do excellent work, so I don't think it would be right to suggest SoGive's approach is fundamentally better - indeed we often build on the work of these two organisations. However, as you say, there is some value in having multiple independent perspectives on a topic. 

We are aiming to fill a neglected niche, namely the application of an EA/cost-effectiveness approach to a much broader set of charities than those of most other EA organisations. Think Charity Navigator, but with a focus on impact rather th... (read more)

An 80k for organisations?

There are non-profit consultancies like FSG, Bridgespan, Dalberg, and the tiny Redstone Strategy Group which do this sort of work. I believe they themselves are for profit and so charge significant fees. Not familiar with anything within EA but then I am somewhat on the periphery of EA so there could well be something that exists. Agree that this seems like an intriguing place for organizations with EA expertise to add value!

Time-sensitive, potentially high-impact opportunity to help get passport holders out of Afghanistan

Here's a direct link to the form for people who don't want to hunt through the twitter thread

Thank you for this post and the context on the credibility and impact of this effort!

How can I help first-year university students to settle on their academic interest?

I like Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett - one of the best books I've read on the topic.

Charities I Would Like to See

Given the recent post on the marketability of EA (which went so far as to suggest excluding MIRI from the EA tent to make EA more marketable - or maybe that was a comment in response to the post; don't remember), a brief reaction from someone who is excited about Effective Altruism but has various reservations. (My main reservation, so you have a feel for where I'm coming from, is that my goal in life is not to maximize the world's utility, but, roughly speaking, to maximize my own utility and end-of-life satisfaction, and therefore I find it hard to get e... (read more)

0Denis Drescher7y
You don’t have to be concerned about somewhat outré ideas (more outré than AI risk I guess) becoming popular among EAs since their tractability – how easily someone can gain widespread support for scaling them up – will necessarily be very limited. That will make them vastly inferior to causes for whose importance there is such widespread support. There may be exceptions to this rule, but I think by and large it holds.
Yeah I definitely understand that reaction which is why I was not sure it was a good idea to post this. It looks like it probably wasn't. Thanks for the feedback.
I think there are also a lot of non-selfish reasons for not wanting to breed a load of rats and protect insects that even entemologists think don't have a concept of suffering / pain that's in any way equivalent to what we consider morally valuable.
I don't understand what's off-putting about optimizing far-future outcomes. This is a good sketch of what we are talking about: [] But apparently even people who call themselves "effective altruists" would rather downvote than engage in rational discussion.