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To my knowledge, no MIRI researcher has had a psychotic break in ~a decade

It's worth noting that the article was explicit that ex-MIRI researcher Jessica Taylor's psychotic break was in 2017:

In 2017 she was hospitalized for three weeks with delusions that she was “intrinsically evil” and “had destroyed significant parts of the world with my demonic powers,” she wrote in her post.

She also alleged in December 2021 that at least two other MIRI employees had experienced psychosis in the past few years: 

At least two former MIRI employees who were not significantly talking with Vassar or Ziz experienced psychosis in the past few years.


Thanks. Can you clarify whether the investigation is being handled by EV UK or CEA? I read EV UK's statement as saying they triggered it and are responsible for it (emphasis added): 

we are commissioning an external investigation by an independent law firm into Owen’s behaviour and the Community Health team’s response.

But you are saying that it was triggered by CEA and not EV UK, and also that the ED of CEA is responsible for overseeing it.

it’s triggered by CEA, rather than the board


Can you comment on the scope of the external investigation EV UK commissioned being limited to the specific incident with OCB instead of a wider domain of e.g. how CH/CEA generally handles sexual misconduct and COIs or CH/CEA's processes in general? 


people can make unfair accusations about others

J_J did not accuse temp_ of being a creep. J_J said she was creeped out. There is a subtle but important difference between these two statements. 


What's best for spending Cari and Dustin's financial capital may not be what's best for the human community made up of EAs. One could even argue that the human capital in the EA community is roughly on par with or even exceeds the value of Good Ventures' capital. Just something to think about. 


There were versions of the above proposal which were not contentless and empty, which stake out clear and specific positions, which I would've been glad to see and enthusiastically supported and considered concrete progress for the community. It is indeed true that EA as a whole can do better, and that there exist new norms and new commitments that would represent an improvement over the current status quo.

Can you give some details? 


Thanks so much for all your incredible work. I can only hope the situation improves somehow. 


I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understood correctly. Are you saying you agree there are selection effects, but you object to how you think Nuno and I are modeling MIRI and the processes generating MIRI-style models on AGI? 

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