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Can an individual donor really make a difference?

If you think you'd enjoy writing such blog posts to reflect on your EA journey and educate people who are just starting off, consider signing up to be a volunteer with Giving What We Can! Volunteers work on a range of projects from organizing events and curating resources to writing blog posts and creating graphics. It's a great way to stay engaged with a EA community and work with amazing people from around the world.

What myths or misconceptions prevent people from supporting EA organizations that work on animal welfare or long-termist causes?

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I am updating GWWC's page on Myths about Aid and Charity and hope to address common questions or misconceptions a newcomer to EA might have. These may be fueled by biased mainstream portrayals of certain cause areas (e.g. "overspending" on foreign aid) or just a different set of priors coming into EA (e.g. people near me need the money more). 

In particular, I am looking to crowdsource ideas on common myths and misconceptions that people may have come across in regards to giving to EA-oriented animal welfare and long-termist organizations. For instance, "the state of the world in 100 years does not affect me so I don't need to give to long-term causes."