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Saving lives near the precipice: we're doing it wrong?

I think that downvoters didn't like the word "resurrection".

Saving lives near the precipice: we're doing it wrong?

If we know that extinction event is inevitable soon, like asteroid impact, I think it will be reasonable to try to create remnants, perhaps on the Moon, that could provide possible aliens with information about humanity or even help to resurrect human beings. 

Maritime capability and post-catastrophe resilience.

I also have an article about survival on islands and have been thinking about surviving in caves. The topic of survival on ships is a really interesting one and I hope to turn to it some day but now I am working on other problems. 

Announcing the Future Fund


I got the following message after pressed Apply:  
"The form Future Fund: Application for Funding is no longer accepting responses.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake." at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScp_pbbqS2OeecQlo_perE6Vz8mcKBivtRAfBSfKyDicZkEiQ/closedform


Is your program closed or it is an error from my side? I wanted to apply on the topic  Infrastructure to recover after catastrophes

Effective altruism is similar to the AI alignment problem and suffers from the same difficulties [Criticism and Red Teaming Contest entry]

To collect all that information we need superintelligent AI, and actually we don't need all vibrations, but only the most relevant pieces of data - the data which is capable to predict human behaviour. Such data could be collected from texts, photos, DNA and historical simulations - but it is better to invest in personal life-logging to increase ones chances to be resurrected. 

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