Igor was an organiser the first meet-up in Moscow about effective altruism around 2013. Today his body was found at his home. The day before he complained about depression and bad health. His cryopreservation now is being organised.

He was  also a one of four organisers of Russian Transhumanist Movement, along with Danila Medvedev, Valeria Pride and Igor Artuhov around 2003. 

His main topic of interest was paradise-engineering. He translated works of David Pearce.

He may look detached from reality but he was first to react on new ideas and has very large network of friends everywhere: between visionaries, scientists and officials. Being a great networker, he helped many people to find each other, especially in the field of life extension.

His FB page: https://www.facebook.com/igor.kirilyuk.3

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Thank you for posting this. Appreciate reading about his life and legacy.

Are there any links to the translations of David Pearce's works?

There are two translation into Russian. One from 2009 in which Igor participated is here https://proza.ru/avtor/unau&book=4#4 

But in 2020 a professional translation was made  and is available here https://ubq124.wordpress.com/2019/12/22/the-hedonistic-imperative-pdf/

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