I help lead Product at Momentum, and care about making funding for high impact causes more robust & diversified. I live in the Bay Area, advise Asia-based community builders and run Pineapple Operations. I previously worked in consulting, recruiting and marketing, with a BA in Sociology and focused on social movements. (A little on my journey to EA)

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Oh thanks for the clarification, I didn't realize that! I'd expect there to be less wealth in LMIC countries though - I assume the vast majority of wealth (not sure what reasonable numbers are here) is held in HIC's and by HNWIs / corporations / governments in those countries. 

Also global GDP increased 43% between 2010 and 2022.

GDP per capita numbers are 2022 estimates, didn't make that clear earlier.  

Also, the middle east (probably main source of muslim wealth) has a total GDP of $5-7 T (acc to wikipedia), I'd be surprised if the rest of the world can make up the rest.

Calculating the rest of the world, geographically (2010 population numbers, 2022 GDP numbers):

This accounts for something like 87% of Mulisms in 2010. I believe this distribution is basically accurate in 2024 (or if anything, accounts for even more of the population because the main population growth comes from LMICs). 

Cumulatively I'd expect that these regions could (being fairly generous) give maybe ~$206B per year (accounting for population growth from 2010 to present) if everyone was giving 2.5% of income, but I'd expect the number to be much lower. 

Marisa was a wonderfully kind, thoughtful and supportive person. She was one of the first friends I made in EA many years ago, and I felt I'd found a kindred spirit in her - we exchanged many ideas and about sociology, ops, community building. She gave wonderfully helpful feedback and I always enjoyed learning about what she was up to (always something new!).

I'm so saddened and heartbroken by this news. She deserved so much more.

Strong +1 to all of the above - I've observed this a lot especially with ops roles.

+1 I think it's worth trying to push for a 10% pledge and see what kind of traction you get. Also curious if you've spoken to OFTW about their experience with the 1% pledge and churn rates etc.

How long do the effects of the vaccine last / how was this incorporated into your estimates?

My naive guess is that this should make vaccines more cost effective on the time scale of years (since you won't need to re-vaccinate people), but maybe it's already incorporated into the efficacy estimate?

I'd love to know more about what the people you've spoken to have said - e.g. what kinds of accountability or transparency are they looking for?

I'm not sure (my active intro cb days were ~2019), but I think it is possibly still in the intro syllabus ? You could add a disclaimer at the top.

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