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The Effective Altruism Handbook

Thanks for the post! Do you think that a kindle version of the EA Handbook would be useful in order to effectively reach a wider audience? 

4Aaron Gertler4moAt some point, I'd love to have an ebook version certain content from the Handbook. Right now, it's very much "under construction" (I'm still getting feedback on the content from many people), so that's not an immediate priority. But perhaps creating a PDF with a few of the most important essays would make sense to do sooner (as we did with the very first edition). Thanks for giving me something to consider!
Feedback requested for an animal advocacy and longtermist career (direct and research)

Hello Michael,

1) Have you read the book "How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach" by Tobias Leenaert? I believe it is a very good reference for effective vegan advocacy.

2) I have noticed UN is not on your list. Have you considered working, for example, for UN's COPUOS?

By the way, I sympathise with your position because I will finish my MSc thesis (Preliminary Trajectory Design for a CubeSat Mission to a Near-Earth Object) in a few months (hopefully!), and I am also looking for an effective career. I only found out about EA, via 800... (read more)

Space governance is important, tractable and neglected

I was excited to read this post because Space in seldom mentioned in the EA movement, and I am about to complete my MSc thesis in Aerospace Engineering. However, I believe a Space Law background would be more suitable for the research suggested above.

I would appreciate if someone could give insight into effective careers for which an Aerospace Engineering background could be useful (at least as a starting point).