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This was a really fun read; thanks for helping put it together!!


+1 from me.

 I was talking about the whole situation with my parents, and they mentioned that their local synagogue experienced a very similar catastrophe, with the community's largest funder turning out to be a con-man. Everybody impacted had a lot of soul-searching to do, but ultimately in retrospect, there was really nothing they could or should have done differently—it was a black-swan event that hasn't repeated in the quarter of a century or so since it happened, and there were no obvious red flags until it was too late. Yes, we can always find details to agonize over, but ultimately, I doubt it will be very productive to change our whole modus operandi to prevent this particular black swan event from repeating (with a few notable exceptions).

Same here, this is really helping me understand the (at least perceived) narrative flow of events

Thank you for sharing, I can understand why you might be feeling burnt out!! I've been in a workplace environment that reminds me of this, and especially if you care about the people and projects there...it's painful.

Strongly agree that moving forward we should steer away from such organizational structures; much better that something bad is aired publicly before it has a chance to become malignant

this seems probable to me, thanks for sharing a good-faith explanation

+1 to this, can attest I've done the same, and immediately regretted it lol

Curious what you think about screenshots like this one, which I've now seen in a few different places.

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