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I recently made a new friend from outside my typical social circle. He’s a smart, thoughtful sort of guy, wants to make the world a better place… and is currently homeless and living out of his car. The reasons for that are outside the scope of this post, but the situation is not self-inflicted, and he wants to get out of it as soon as possible. I mentioned that the EA community has a number of open bounties/initiatives that theoretically anyone can apply for, but as it turns out, he’s dyslexic, and cannot do any job which requires reading or writing that isn’t transcribed in audio. As such, he felt pretty hopeless about being able to do paid work for EA causes.

This is mentioned to give some context to the question: Are there any jobs in EA available to people who cannot (effectively) read or write in length? It seems like in theory there should be a lot of good work that it is possible to do under those constraints, but in practice I have trouble finding any EA-focused job that doesn’t require some amount of serious writing. (Note that this isn’t a cry for financial help or anything—my friend has applied for a number of minimum-wage manual labor jobs, one of which will likely accept him, but all things considered would prefer to do work which improves the state of the world/is in the EA space.)




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Some ideas that come to mind: community organizer, community safety officer, sound system setup, or other tech support, interviewing applicants, recruiter, electronics engineer, building maintenance, air filtration system installer,  bunker construction, distributing supplies in other countries, translator, earning to give, petri dish replicates, greenhouse lab tech (for drought/climate resistant crops). 

It really depends on their skills, their interest area, and in what ways they can mitigate their disadvantages. For example, if they can text to speech easily, then research is still a potential. If they can't work with numbers, then many of these suggestions might not work out. (unless a color labeling system was implemented or etc) 

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