Backyard dinner and discussion with Ajeya Cotra

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Let's get together for discussion of what's on your mind around effective ways to do good! We'll have an EA guest from out of town: Ajeya Cotra. Ajeya is a former EA student organizer at UC Berkeley and now a senior research analyst at Open Philanthropy Project, currently working on a framework for estimating when transformative AI may be developed. You can hear her on the 80,000 Hours podcast here:

We'll meet outdoors in the backyard of Julia and Jeff's house. The bathroom in the house will be available to use. If it rains, we'll reschedule (possibly without Ajeya if the dates don't line up). There is free street parking.

Vegan / vegetarian dinner will be served. Feel free to bring a friend - just RSVP so we know how much food to get!

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Just to clarify, we RSVP on Facebook? Thanks! :)