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Dieses Mal dürfen wir unseren ersten Gast begrüßen: Lukas Jasiũnas. Als Head of Research wird er uns die neue Organisation „Healthier Hens“ (s.u.) vorstellen (auf Englisch).
Wie immer freuen wir uns auf neue Gesichter, du kannst auch gerne in Begleitung kommen. Für Snacks und Getränke ist gesorgt!

This time we'll be welcoming our first guest: Lukas Jasiũnas. As Head of Research he'll be introducing the new organization “Healthier Hens” (more below).
As always, we are looking forward to new faces, you are also welcome to come in company. Snacks and drinks will be waiting for you!

Lucas, Malte & Mundher

“We are Healthier Hens, a newly-founded EA-aligned animal welfare charity. Our focus is to improve the well-being of egg-laying hens kept commercially. Did you know that more than half of all hens experience at least one bone fracture, which go unnoticed and untreated? That's millions of hens experiencing acute and chronic pain in Germany alone.

We intend to assess the cost-efficacy and potential impact of an intervention aiming to improve feed quality standards. Our goal is to ensure that more hens are provided with feed that is optimized for their health and welfare rather than productivity.

Right now we're carrying out in-person country visits to assess the need for and feasibility of such an intervention in three countries including Germany.”




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