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Let’s get to know each other better and discuss how to help others effectively and solve the world's most pressing problems. People new to the EA Berlin community are welcome (see below) and we speak both English and German, whichever you prefer.

Also have a look at our other event before the meetup (optional): 
19:00 Talk & Discussion on animal welfare, alternative protein & EU policy with Alex Holst (senior policy manager at Good Food Institute Europe, Brussels)

20:00 Arrivals
20:10 Announcements and short introduction round (optional but recommended)
20:20 Open discussion and networking 
Open end (10pm or later). 

You can join and leave whenever you want, even just popping by for 10min is welcome. 

Bring your own drinks, food and blanket to sit on (all optional). There are also plenty of snack bars and shops nearby, if you need anything. 

~~~New people welcome! ~~~

We're happy to welcome new people, and this event is a good start! If you’re new, I (Manuel) am happy to introduce you to the community – just approach me at the event.
We’re happy to discuss specific EA-related topics, just note that at this event, we don’t have the capacity for a full introduction to the EA philosophy. For that, we recommend you have a look at these online resources beforehand: (EA philosophy & community) (impactful careers)

Any questions, feedback or suggestions? Interested in (co-)organising your own events? Just reach out, I’m happy to hear from you!

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