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JP Addison
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[Speaking as a mod.]

This comment is breaking Forum norms. It is too harsh. I would like to see more appreciation for the human on the other side of the screen and a collaborative mindset. You can do that while still maintaining a strong stance against the reasoning you don't like.

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@Joel Tan (CEARCH), I've fixed it. Thank you, Jeroen! 

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We're banning Manbearpanda for 1 month. Their recent responses on this post have been condescending, overconfident, and uncivil. Responding to a comment by referring to the discussion as "'Effective' 'Altruists' circle jerking around yet another wrong answer" is not a good way to get to the truth behind a disagreement. I also don't think it was reasonable or helpful to dismiss a comment in the discussion as "rambling, poorly formatted and incoherent." And the last comment seemed to totally devolve into an ad hominem and passive-aggressive attack.

Please not... (read more)

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This comment is not civil or productive (and neither are others Manbearpanda has posted in this thread) and clearly violates Forum discussion norms that we expect everyone to respect. This is not a good way to have disagreements. 

I'm bringing this up to the moderation team to decide if we want to take further action. 

JP Addison
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As a moderator, I think this post is unnecessarily rude and breaks Forum norms. This is a warning, please do better in the future. (If you’re not interested in AI Safety content, feel free to explore the global health tab, or hide AI Safety posts from the homepage by clicking on "Customize feed".)

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Hey folks, a reminder that this topic is sensitive and can get very heated for several reasons:

  • A lot of relevant information is private and hard to discuss publicly or comes from people's personal experiences, which will vary a lot.
  • The situations discussed are extremely serious and disturbing, and readers may have experienced something related, which would make engaging with these topics especially stressful.
  • Harassment and power dynamics are often emotionally loaded and can be difficult to discuss objectively.

Please keep this in mind. It's really important... (read more)

Lorenzo Buonanno
2moModerator Comment3124

Moderation update: We have indefinitely banned 8 accounts[1] that were used by the same user (JamesS) to downvote some posts and comments from Nonlinear and upvote critical content about Nonlinear. Please remember that voting with multiple accounts on the same post or comment is very much against Forum norms.

(Please note that this is separate from the incident described here)

  1. ^

    my_bf_is_hot, inverted_maslow, aht_me, emerson_fartz, daddy_of_upvoting, ernst-stueckelberg, gpt-n, jamess

Lorenzo Buonanno
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Moderation update: We have banned "Richard TK" for 6 months for using a duplicate account to double-vote on the same posts and comments. We’re also banning another account (Anin, now deactivated), which seems to have been used by that same user or by others to amplify those same votes. Please remember that voting with multiple accounts on the same post or comment is very much against Forum norms.

(Please note that this is separate from the incident described here)

Lorenzo Buonanno
2moModerator Comment3317Community

Postmortem on mod action on the April fools post “A modest proposal for women in EA”


Last Sunday, a bad post (definitely violating multiple forum norms) from a new anonymous user was published on the Forum. It got a lot of views and we removed it 11 hours and 30 minutes after it went up. I think we made some mistakes and wanted to write a quick postmortem.

Timeline (all times are Sunday April 2, 2023 and in CEST, although the mod team is in different timezones):

10:49 AMThe post “A modest proposal for women in EA” from a new user “ozaiscometh” goes up
... (read more)
Lorenzo Buonanno
2moModerator Comment92

Here's a note the moderators are starting to add on all anonymous content like this:

This was posted by an anonymous account. It's pretty easy to create an anonymous account and post things like this without corroboration. This doesn't mean that they're always false, or that the things stated here are false, but I'd recommend that people use their best judgment and wait for serious evidence and/or corroboration before seriously updating on information shared here.

The moderation team doesn't want to remove all content like this - it is in fact important to a... (read more)

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