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ProVeg recently launched Kickstarting for Good for new impact initiatives, social startups, and nonprofit organisations working on transforming the food system. More details are below and on the website. Applications for the first cohort are due by 31 August. 

What is it? 

Kickstarting for Good is the world’s first incubator and accelerator programme aimed specifically at nonprofit organisations, impact initiatives, and social startups working on transforming the food system. It’s the new not-for-profit programme of the ProVeg Incubator, which is part of the food awareness organisation ProVeg International. 

Who is it for?

We’re looking for the most talented and resilient founders to execute the ideas that will have the biggest positive impact on the world’s food ecosystem. If you have a great idea for a highly impactful initiative or organisation to reduce animal product consumption, support alternative proteins, or build the movement, we would love to hear from you!

ProVeg has also identified a set of *potentially* high-impact initiatives; see the website for a list of possible projects to work on. If you or someone you know would be a great co-founder or leader for a new initiative, then Kickstarting for Good can help you connect with others and get support. 

What is involved?

The process starts with a brief application to submit your idea or express interest to be a co-founder of an existing idea. We will then conduct a series of trial tasks and interviews with the most promising applicants.  

For those who are selected to move forward, the programme kicks off with an intensive on-site session in Berlin from October 20-24. You’ll then take part in a remote, 8-week expert-led programme with a tailor-made curriculum, expert mentoring, and exclusive networking opportunities. The program ends with a second in-person week in Berlin and culminates in a funding-focused “Demo Day.”

Successful applicants will get to team up with like-minded co-founders and receive a grant of up to 5,000 euros to cover travel and accommodation costs. There may be additional funding opportunities for some project ideas and we will provide ongoing community support to all cohort members and co-founders.

What are the ideas? 

Please see the website for a brief description of each idea below. Note that this list is a work in progress and may be updated as we conduct more preliminary research and receive community feedback. 

  • World Society for Plant-Based Chefs: A professional association of plant-based chefs who work collaboratively to showcase and promote more plant-based cuisine around the globe. WSPBC will provide tailored services to member-chefs and inform the media, industry, and public about their work to elevate the profiles of both members and plant-based eating in general.
  • Vegan Thesis: A global platform to identify impactful thesis topics for the plant-based and farmed animal movements and provide support to graduate students. Vegan Thesis will support thesis writers with free coaching, connections to supportive supervisors, and advice on writing and potentially publishing their thesis.
  • Meta-Fundraising Organisation: A new organisation focused on raising money for vegan advocacy organisations, initiatives, and projects from previously uninterested funders. “Meta-Fundraising” will seek to substantially increase counterfactual funding for vegan charities by identifying potential donors and grantmakers and creating personalised strategies to encourage them to expand their philanthropic scope.
  • Nutritionists Fellowship: A fellowship program to identify, support, and promote promising plant-based nutrition influencers via social and traditional media. “Nutritionists Fellowship” will work largely behind the scenes to amplify the voices of plant-based nutrition influencers, with an emphasis on reaching large and neglected demographics around the world.
  • Accelerator for Social Media Influencers: An organisation or program that supports vegan and plant-based influencers to increase the reach and impact of their work globally. The accelerator for influencers will provide training, tools, and funding to help maximise their potential to encourage interest and trial of plant-based eating among their followers.
  • Marketing & Comms Agency for the Plant-based Movement: A global community of animal advocates providing marketing, communications, and design expertise to accelerate plant-based initiatives. The agency will provide experienced public relations, communications, and marketing support  to vegan organisations and projects to help them be as effective as possible.
  • Vegan "Checkoff" Programme: A programme or organisation to encourage plant-based businesses to contribute a percent of sales to marketing and public relations for plant-based eating. The Vegan Checkoff Program will allow plant-based companies to pool resources and more effectively compete with Big Ag in the public sphere through strategic advertising and public relations efforts.
  • Early Action Network (EAN): A reboot of the existing Early Action Network that connects and supports organisations, groups or individuals working on veg-friendly eating and food awareness education in schools.

How to take part?

Apply by 31 August 2023!

If applying is not for you, but you have skills that are relevant to starting new nonprofit initiatives, please consider joining our amazing group of mentors! We’re looking for experts on nonprofit strategies and business models, program design, operations, marketing, research, impact measurement, and other essential areas. Please contact me at che.green-freelancer@proveg.org if you’re interested in being a mentor. 

Please also spread the word to your networks and colleagues.


The website includes an FAQ and should answer many questions. As time permits, I will answer questions and am happy to take feedback in the comments. 





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