The team at Probably Good is excited to share newly published content on our site! This includes the next two chapters of our career guide:


Both chapters are a part of our recommended approach for assessing the impact of specific roles— what we’ve dubbed the SELF framework (a handy acronym for Problem Significance, Method Efficacy, Role Leverage, Personal Fit). 


SELF is by no means reinventing the wheel when it comes to assessing impactful careers— and we certainly have a ton of thoughtful EA content and 80K research to draw on. Rather, our new SELF chapters intend to help people (including  those who are unfamiliar with EA ideas) think about the likely impact of specific roles. This is in line with our broader approach to all our content, which focuses on helping each individual maximize their career impact based on their values, personal circumstances, and motivations. You can read more about our goals in our announcement post.


The remainder of the SELF chapters will be published shortly, along with new core concepts and cause area profiles. We’re excited to show you these chapters and plan to publish much more content in the coming weeks and months!


As always, we’d love getting your feedback on these chapters or anything else!




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