EV UK and EV US are looking for a Chief of Staff and a Program Manager to join our executive team! The deadline for these applications is this Friday, November 17.

Effective Ventures Foundation (UK and US) are the fiscal sponsors of some of the central projects in effective altruism, including the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), 80,000 Hours, Giving What We Can, and EA Funds. Our executive team supports these projects so that they can create impact in the world. You can read more about the structure of our organizations in this post.[1]

We’re currently hiring a Program Manager and a Chief of Staff, both of whom will play an important role supporting the CEOs through the next phase of EV’s history. These are both roles for smart, competent generalists who are able to make EA-relevant trade-offs and will be resilient in a high-pressured environment. 

Both of these roles could end up being really important: a great Program Manager or Chief of Staff could make a big difference to how EV’s projects are able to function, which in turn may shape the trajectory of the EA movement during an important period in its development. 

You can read more about these roles and apply here. If you think you might be a good fit for either role, or know of anyone who would be, please apply and share! 


  1. ^

    Some of the personnel listed in this post have now changed, but the structure of the entities remains the same.




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3 days seems to be an awfully short time-window, is this a job previously advertised that's receiving a boost in the EA Forum? That's my intuition, because otherwise it sounds like a very quick turnaround for applicants (especially during a working week)

In any case, good luck to all those applying, and I hope EV find good candidates for both roles! I think helping EV do well in the next few years might be really impactful for steering the EA community/movement in the right direction after the last ~year, so if EA community building/operations is something you're interested in I think it's worth a look.

Yes, exactly — these roles were both originally posted on our website on October 26, and we're publishing on the Forum now to give them one last boost. We've previously done outreach in other channels and this has been picked up by the 80,000 Hours job board as well. 

Thanks for asking about this! 

I'm not associated with EV but yes your intuition is correct, I first saw the openings a little while ago. 

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