EA housemates: a good idea? Plus how to find them



Alex Flint recently wrote:

Is there any way for EAs who are looking for housemates to find each other?

Living with other EAs is a really powerful way to strengthen the community, and finding like-minded housemates can also have a financial impact for many of us.

If there's nothing already out there then I'm going to make something.

I answered that there is: the 'lodging' category on SkillShare, the website for sharing among effective altruists. If anyone is interested in finding EA housemates I'd encourage them to say so there, creating an 'Offer' if they already have a house and a 'Request' if they're looking for one. (To do so, you click 'Sign in or sign up' at the top right, then click the resultant '+' icon at the top right.) If multiple people are looking for shared housing in the same area, they can find each other and arrange it. I thought it was worth creating this post to alert people to this possibility.

Shared EA houses are quite widespread. There are several in Basel, the Bay Area, London, Oxford, and Vancouver - and that's just the ones I know of. I'd be interested to hear of any elsewhere! I'd also be curious what people think of the phenomenon. Most considerate housemates ever? Or a bit 'cultish', or insular, or bad PR?