I'm taking a few approaches to this myself, and I had some questions about the best way to do some things. (Tagging "EA Librarian" on this in particular)

  1. I'm considering (discussion here) existing lists, reviews, and syllabi such as:
  • GPI research agenda (includes many posed questions)
  • Open Philanthropy "questions that might affect our grantmaking"
  • Pablo Stafforini's syllabi, David Rhys-Bernard's syllabus

What 'lists' in this category am I missing?

  1. What are the best tools for finding:
  • the most prominent EA-linked authors in economics, social science, and policy impact
  • the papers that a relevant author cites the most? (E.g., 'which papers does David Roodman cite most often'?)
  • the papers that a relevant organization cites the most?
  1. Where and how (perhaps outside EA circles) should I promote this crowdsourcing and this bounty? E.g., which particular academic boards/societies/groups should we share this with? What other incentives should we offer?

  2. How could GPT3 or Elicit be used to help in this, if at all?




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I've recently discovered Connected Papers, and while it doesn't address all of your questions, it might be helpful for finding EA-linked authors and papers. Here is an example of the web of connections for What Should We Agree on about the Repugnant Conclusion.