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High-Impact Psychology (HIPsy) aims to help people with a background in psychology maximize their impact. You can help us by pre-signing up for our psychologist-specific offerings here.  This helps us understand what resources are likely to be most important and to offer these to you. Filling out the form just takes 5 min and will reserve spots for you. 

Our plans include

  • Work and career advice for psychologists 
  • Expert discussions, meetups, and other networking for people in your field
  • and workshops 
  • In-person and online workshops, talks, and other learning materials for deepening the expertise of psychologists 
  • Content on high-impact opportunities for psychologists in EA, e.g., related careers, jobs, and research



HIPsy is currently in a funded pilot phase, finding out which potential actions would be most impactful. One potential action is to give people with a background in psychology access to in-group networking, learning, and contribution opportunities. This aims at helping them best to maximize the impact within their careers, organizations, and the overall EA community, building on and using psychological expertise. If we decide to go that route and if possible, we will offer these for free. You can learn more about our project and other potential actions in this post. 

Other opportunities


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