[Sharing this as a forum post because it may be useful for some forum users- particularly those who are also interested in effective living alongside effective altruism - mostly a copy and paste of a social media post]

Are you looking for a way to review your year and plan for the future?

Many people I know do an "annual review".

When I started in 2018, I couldn't find a ready-made document to use.

With that in mind, I am sharing this annual review/planner template that I made in google sheets.

It incorporates Alex Vermeer's questions. I also a few of my own and some additional sheets to add goals and plans for the future.

Based on feedback, I have also prioritised the sheet so that you can choose how many questions you want it to be.

It might still seem too long. Feel free to start with smaller - anything is better than nothing!

Please feel free to copy, share and modify it.

Annual review template and explainer video



Over the past few years, I have also used a 'daily tracker' sheet to help track the goals and outcomes I plan each year. The feedback on that is that it is a bit complicated, but feel free to check it out and use it to make something simpler!

Daily tracker template and explainer video



Does anyone else have a similar annual review or tracking process? Or suggestions for improvements? Or arguments against this approach? 




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