Discussion article for the meetup : .impact workathon: Toronto node

WHEN: 26 July 2015 03:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 11-96 Isabella St, Toronto

Show up, bring your laptop and do some stuff! There will be vegan cookies.

.impact is a loose-knit community within the effective altruism movement, that brings volunteer power to some high-impact projects.

Most of the work is at the computer - it can be writing or editing documents, design work, working on software projects and of course reading and cluing up.

The emphasis is on getting stuff done, but no particular skills or experience are required. Come along even if you've never heard of effective altruism - outsider perspectives are really valuable.

As far as logistics go, I'm planning on holding this at my apartment unless anyone has a better location. It can fit about 8. I'll need people to bring their laptops to work on. We'll be communicating with the rest of the .impact team over Google hangouts and Slack chatroom. (People in .impact are nice and you'll be welcomed warmly). If you need to show up half way through that's fine. I'll be throwing people out around 7.

Discussion article for the meetup : .impact workathon: Toronto node

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