This is a link post to the reading list about Transformative AI and Compute by Lennart Heim.

Readings within the list are put into the following buckets:

  1. Compute in the AI Production FunctionWhy compute matters for AI
    • Compute is one of the key drivers of AI progress.
  2. Compute Supply LandscapeHow chips are produced and used
  3. Compute Governance: How can we govern compute to achieve beneficial AI outcomes?
    • Using compute as a governance node by either (a) monitoring, (b) restricting, or (c) promoting access.
  4. Compute-Based Transformative AI Forecasting
    • How much compute we might need to achieve certain transformative and potentially dangerous capabilities
    • How much compute we will have in the future and which computing paradigms will dominate
  5. Others: Books, research questions, related topics, newsletters, podcasts, career advice, forecasting 

(The author, Lennart Heim has agreed to this post.)

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