Key Excerpts:

For our organization, 2019 was characterized by a massive team effort, led by our founder Peter Singer, to update and release online, free to anyone in the world, his seminal 2009 book, The Life You Can Save: How to do your part to end world poverty.

Another major effort went into overhauling our website and placing it on a different content management system, which makes it easier for us to update content and consistently improve the user experience. All of this was a significant investment of time and financial resources that we believe will have an enormous impact on philanthropy over the coming years. The Light Foundation’s substantial grant made this work financially feasible.

Given the time and money that we put into the book project, and because, as a consequence, we needed to limit some of our other work (e.g., partnership development, major fundraising, our India launch), we are pleased by our overall 2019 results. Our “net impact” in 2019 (money moved to our recommended nonprofits minus our expenses) increased ~150% — to a little over $12 million, compared to ~$5 million in 2018. In all, we moved $13.3 million to our recommended nonprofits, ~$13.5 for every $1 spent on our operations.




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