February 2, 2021, update:

This pilot aims to establish partnerships with churches in the United States for two main projects: crafts marketing, and organic farming that also considers animal welfare. Relief support is also possible if a church is interested in such program. The members of EA Cameroon, acting on behalf of a local NGO, should be offering this opportunity to churches via phone.



EA Cameroon is piloting a program that aims to connect faith-based groups from advanced economies to local groups in poor regions for the purpose of running cost-effective projects.

The pilot takes place in the West and Northwest Regions of Cameroon, with a high percentage of internally displaced persons and an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Some of the proposed projects include:

  • Feeding the hungry
  • Encouraging preventive healthcare
  • Facilitating curative healthcare
  • Promoting organic farming through workshops
  • Growing the local crafts scene

The cost-effectiveness has not been predicted, however, can be high considering that the two groups would discuss local priorities and brainstorm their cost-effective solutions.

In addition to connections to faith-based groups in advanced economies, we are seeking impact evaluation volunteers and interpreters (from English to the language spoken by the faith-based group).

If you are interested in participating in this project, please apply via this form.

We appreciate any feedback, via comments or at ea.cam@yahoo.com.