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After Seth Baum’s excellent online interview, I’m glad to announce that we’re giving the AMA (Ask me anything format) another run. This time, we have none other than Seb Farquhar and Owen Cotton-Barratt from the Global Priorities Project. They will be coming online at:

17th March 8pm GMT.

Seb was one of the founding members of 80,000 Hours, spent last two years in consulting at McKinsey, and has once again returned, to head The Global Priorities Project, the think tank of the Effective Altruism community.

Owen has been leading the research at the Global Priorities Project for the last year and is a Lecturer at the University of Oxford. He has a background in mathematics, health economics, and social choice.

The Global Priorities Project is a young organization that has emerged from collaboration between the Future of Humanity Institute and the Centre for Effective Altruism. The organization is only about a year old but already it has had some interesting involvement in policy development, such as the recent paper on Unprecedented Technological Risks, which grew into a chapter of the annual report of the Government Chief Scientific Advisor. In 2015, the Global Priorities Project plans to expand by bringing a second full-time researcher on-board, alongside Owen. (You can also read their strategy document for more information.)

Seb and Owen want to give the inside version of what the Global Priorities Project is currently working on, and what they plan for the future. They’re happy to hear your thoughts on the Global Priorities Project and to answer your questions on a range of topics - you can post them here in advance if you want. I look forward to seeing them all answered this time next week!

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