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Both the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) and the Global Priorities Institute (GPI) are looking to rapidly expand in the near future. This is a great challenge and, to make it happen quickly and smoothly, both institutes have a pressing need for operations staff. They are looking to jointly hire a Senior Administrator, who will oversee the day-to-day non-academic management and administration of both research centres.

This is an extremely important role for both institutes - having the right person in the role would likely be as valuable as receiving more than £1 million per year in additional funding (see also this recent post by 80,000 Hours). Please consider applying and, if you know anyone else who might be qualified and interested, please let them know.


The Future of Humanity Institute

Most readers here will likely have heard of them but, if not, the Future of Humanity Institute is a leading research centre within the University of Oxford which looks at big-picture questions for human civilisation. Academics at FHI bring the tools of mathematics, philosophy, social sciences, and science to bear on big-picture questions about humanity and its prospects, seeking to focus their work where they can make the greatest positive difference over the long term. To read more about FHI’s work, please see their website.


The Global Priorities Institute

The Global Priorities Institute is a newly established research centre, also within the University of Oxford. Its aim is to develop the intellectual roots of the effective altruism movement with an academic level of rigour and detail, and to spread EA theory and concerns throughout academia. Although effective altruism is gaining increasing traction in the non-profit world, it has gained comparatively little within academia and, as a result, may potentially be missing out on valuable contributions from many talented researchers and well-respected figures. GPI seeks to improve this situation. To find out more, please see their website. Alternatively, see this edition of the 80,000 Hours podcast or this Effective Altruism Global talk by Michelle Hutchinson.


Role Summary

Both institutes are entering a period of rapid expansion and are looking to hire a Senior Administrator (Vacancy ID 133951), who will be an integral part of establishing and embedding complex operational procedures. The successful candidate will be responsible for effectively putting into practice our plans, particularly in the areas of finance, personnel and administration. S/he will provide comprehensive support in relation to HR matters in both institutes, will oversee the planning and management of their finances and will provide strategic advice on administrative matters.

This is a challenging role in rapidly expanding areas, requiring a proactive mindset, considerable initiative, intellectual ability and versatility and the readiness and flexibility to do the work required to best achieve the Institutes’ goals. It will also need excellent operational and organisational skills and significant experience of financial and personnel management. In addition, it requires strengths in general management and in written and oral communication. The Senior Administrator will work largely independently, and will need to relate well to both academic and administrative staff at all levels.

Candidates should apply online via this link. You will be required to upload a supporting statement and CV as part of your online application.

The closing date for applications is 12.00 noon on April 20th, 2018.





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I think I agree with the comments on this post that job postings on the EA forum are not ideal, since if all the different orgs did it they would significantly clutter the forum.

The existing "Effective Altruism Job Postings" Facebook group and possibly the 80k job board should fulfill this purpose.

How about a shameless plug for EA Work Club? 😇

This role is also listed there – http://www.eawork.club/jobs/87

Ah that looks great thanks, I had not heard about that before!

If clutter is the main concern, might it be useful for 80K to post a regular (say, monthly) EA Forum post noting updates to their job board, and to have other job ad posts get removed and centralized to that post? I personally would have an easier time keeping track of what's new vs. old if there were a canonical location that mentioned key job listing updates.

As last time, I upvoted this comment and downvoted the post to show I agree with a "no job postings on the EA Forum unless they have other content of general interest" norm.

I did the same.

Sorry about that, I hadn't seen that thread. Consider me well and truly chastened!

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