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EA NYC is gearing up for substantial expansion in the months ahead. We have just listed two open roles (applications received before 11:59 p.m. EST on June 15 will receive priority consideration), as well as five additional roles we are considering hiring for later this year. To repeat a familiar refrain: We strongly encourage you to err on the side of applying or submitting an expression of interest.

Virtual Info Session

On June 1 at 7 pm EST, you can join our virtual info session, during which we'll discuss our overall hiring and expansion plans. I anticipate this session will be useful for those considering working at EA NYC, those considering working in community building more broadly, and those curious about the function and potential of local groups.

Open Roles

Head of Community
A core component of EA NYC's programming is designed to foster community and support community members. We work to create opportunities for both those already highly engaged in effective altruism and those new to the movement to learn, deepen their engagement, collaborate, and become inspired. EA NYC hosts weekly events, provides one-on-one career advising, and is in the process of opening a community center and coworking space. As the city reopens, we are looking to scale our community-building agenda and community-focused team. The Head of Community will oversee EA NYC's community-focused programming and directly manage EA NYC's community team. In the short term, the Head of Community will help organize EA NYC events and hire additional team members.

Head of Operations
As EA NYC scales, we need a strong operational backbone to ensure our success and sustainability. The Head of Operations will develop, implement, and optimize the systems to support the work of the EA NYC team. The Head of Operations will play a key role in the daily operations of EA NYC and the growth of the organization over time. Their responsibilities include performing administrative tasks, assisting other EA NYC team members, and ensuring smooth daily operations, as well as researching and implementing best practices. This role may also assist in the incorporation of EA NYC as a 501c3 nonprofit and help to establish an EA NYC HR arm.

Potential Additional Roles

• Events Manager

• Career Advisor

• Outreach Coordinator

• Volunteer Lead

• Research Fellow (4-6-month role, possibility of extension)


I'm also happy to answer any questions here in the comments, over email, or over a call.

Editing to add: At this time, we are unsure whether we will be able to successfully sponsor work visas but are trying to sort this out and will do our best to do so.




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So exciting! It would be helpful to mention somewhere at the top of the post whether you are able to sponsor work visas.

Very good point!

NYC needs a bigger EA community! Super happy you are working on this :)

Is there any chance you could share more information about the coworking space and community center?

Thank you! Expect to see some major updates on the NY EA Center space in the next week or two!

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