Update: Both Paul Tudor Jones and Ray Dalio pages have finished giving away all their gift cards for Christmas 2022.

$50 Charity Gift Cards are available today on a first come basis.

“We’re helping this idea catch fire by offering a $50 Charity Gift Card to the first 20,000 people who sign up so that more people can experience this uniquely meaningful holiday gift for themselves. There are no strings attached. Our hope is simply that once you see how easy and joyous this kind of gift can be, you’ll choose to give it to your friends and family. We also ask that if you claimed one of these free cards last year, you either let others participate this year or pass this offer along to someone else who hasn’t received one yet.”

Paul Tudor Jones

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Ray Dalio also has a TisBest $50 charity gift card page: https://www.tisbest.org/rg/ray/

Thanks Michael, claimed my $50 and donated!

You're welcome! Thanks for donating

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