From MacAskill's Doing Good Better:

"Your choice of career is a choice about how to spend more than eighty thousand hours over the course of your life, which means it makes sense to invest a considerable amount of time in the decision."

Yet, a survey of 14,000 people in 9 Western countries in 2021 shows that 1/4 are planning to change jobs this year (IBM). 

As time goes on, it seems like people will have to adjust their interests, skills, and analysis of what the world needs more often. So MacAskill's quote might be more like this:

"Your choices of careers are choices about how to spend sections of  more than eighty thousand hours..."

How do you think this changing in careers affects standard EA recommendations on how to choose effective careers? For example, I could see someone saying: 'Every ____ years, pick a career that you don't think you'll like or bring unique value to. Even at the opportunity cost of an effective career you could be doing in that time, you'll gain valuable insight about whether to pursue new opportunities that come in increasingly short intervals.'

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