Madhav Malhotra

I'm a university student from Canada. I'm really excited about HOW to balance economic and environmental sustainability!

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[Creative Writing Contest] The Rise of The Effective Shoppers

This is very well written! I really admire all the imagery in your writing. And how you leave it up to the reader to interpret the meaning here (give 2 + 2, not 4). 

May I ask what made you write this? :-) What else have you written? Where did you learn to write like this?

Seeking feedback on new EA-aligned economics paper

@Kevin Kuruc at the University of Oklahoma might have something to add :-) 

Sidenote: I'm sure an engineering undergrad isn't your target audience, but all the big words (pecuniary, idiosyncrasy, premia, etc.) are a bit hard to parse :O 

When and how should an online community space (e.g., Slack workspace) for a particular type/group of people be created?

In the past, I tried to create a forum where customers and small businesses shared ideas on what sustainability options customers wanted and would pay for. Seemed like a great idea in my head. 3 months later, everyone who tried it told me they found it interesting to read the ideas but no one wanted to post. 

I was banging my head against a wall when my mentor told me to read a book on how to test for demand with new ideas, The Mom Test. (My notes here). The biggest lesson it taught me that I thought might be relevant for you to think about: "If they're not already looking for a solution, they're not going to try or buy mine."

Hope you don't waste your time while uninformed like me :D

What are examples of technologies which would be a big deal if they scaled but never ended up scaling?

For historical examples, consider:

One general theme = for any standard X that we use, there was probably a better standard Y that wasn't widely-used enough. 

Another general theme = when it comes to failed stuff, government archives are a great resource :D 

Betting on the best case: higher end warming is underrepresented in research

It's good to be aware of where you're not an expert. Thank you for being honest!

Writing about my job: Civil Servant (UK foreign policy)

Thank you for the followup! Appreciate you writing about your job just to help others :-)

Writing about my job: Civil Servant (UK foreign policy)

I understand the terms have different meanings, yeah :/ I was actually thinking about it in the context of the Big 5 personality trait 'openness'. 

I'm not sure whether the work you're describing is consistent. :/ I'd need a lot more specific examples to add judgement there.

Betting on the best case: higher end warming is underrepresented in research

Would you have more specific hypotheses? :-) Ex: Within geoengineering, carbon capture is one possibility. Do you know of neglected areas regarding other types of geoengineering?

Or within exploring the effects of higher end warming, which crops/livestock do we need more research in? Which industries in the economy?

Thank you for any clarifications!

Writing about my job: Economics Professor

Thank you for the context :-) I really appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective here!

Writing about my job: Civil Servant (UK foreign policy)

Regarding the hierarchy / formal bureaucracy - do you think that suits your personality? Do you like clearly-defined, consistent work? Are there any colleagues of yours who value spontaneity / openness that you've talked to about the work? :-)

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