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TL;DR - EA Waterloo is looking for a graduate student/researcher to volunteer for an hour. You'd be giving feedback to university students in an AI governance hackathon. 

We're looking for the grad student to have two 30 minute Zoom calls to give teams feedback as they try to identify better policies to reduce economic shocks from AI.

Logistics wise, the hackathon is Saturday, July 8th, 2023 from 11 AM EST to 7 PM EST. Around 20 students will be proposing policies to improve AI governance at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Themes of the hackathon include:

  • Preventing offensive uses of AI models (e.g. physical warfare, cyberwarfare, social manipulation, etc.)
  • Helping those harmed by AI economically, legally, or physically.
  • Countering arms races to develop advanced AI. 
  • Testing AI models for safety before deployment.
  • Preventing illegal uses of AI models (e.g. spreading misinformation, making discriminatory decisions, etc.). 
  • Aligning corporate decisions with broader public benefits (countering externalities).

If you can help, feel free to email me/refer a connection to email me at madhav.malhotra@uwaterloo.ca!




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